Data Analysis

Since XOtech’s origination, it has hired and placed subject matter experts throughout our customer supported locations; providing a capable, experienced and proven workforce of data analysts to various levels of command within the Army. Augmenting government and military staffs with the accurate and timely information essential to making well informed decisions.

Our experience in the key Army logistical support functions includes a staff of mostly retired military technicians with extensive knowledge, training and competence in property book management, material and distribution management, readiness reporting and maintenance management.

Our Data Analysis expertise brings the following capability:

  • Property Book Officer Support
  • Equipment Inventory and Accountability Specialists
  • Logistics Automation Specialists
  • Financial Analysts
  • Readiness Reporting Analysts
  • Maintenance Work-Loading Specialists
  • Logistics Managers & Specialist
  • Equipment Disposition/Redistribution Managers
  • Asset Cataloging Specialists